The Way You Move Open Air + 2nd hand vinyl and clothes sale

We embrace the old and welcome the new. That’s why it would be more than fair to say, we are having an open air and a 2nd hand fair!
The Way You Move helps you move to LaVallée to give a second life to all that spring cleaning. Think drifting needles and all sorts of thrifted goodies, offered to you by our local sellers and diggers.
Shop local while listening to your locals. Musical fragrances to match that vinyl and those vintage threads will be provided by:
Boudewijn Ericx
Rue Adolphe LaVallée 39
1080 Brussels (Tram 51 Sainctelette, Metro 2/6 Ribacourt)
Sound by d&b audiotechnik
Entrance for the 2nd hand sale is free
Entrance for the open air party
Earlybird only available during the sale until 13h
>12 EUR
After 13h
>15 EUR