Take OFF 2023 Festival d’artistes émergents

The Take Off Festival is a must-attend event for art, music, and entertainment enthusiasts. It will take place on July 8th and 9th at La Vallée, a magical venue that will showcase the performances of passionate and talented artists participating in the festival.
Get ready to witness Brussels transform into a vibrant canvas of creativity as talented artists come together to showcase their astonishing works. This festival is a celebration of art in all its forms, from graffiti to street murals, installations, and everything in between.
The festival promises to be a unique experience with a diverse lineup that caters to all tastes. Exciting new talents will be there to thrill and captivate you with their stunning visual and auditory displays.
If you’re looking for a place to have fun, discover new talents, enjoy great music, and have a good time with family or friends, the Take Off Festival is the perfect destination for you.We have brought together 30 emerging artists of all genres for you. Come and discover them with us!
Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the best of art in one place. Come and discover new talents with us!