stefano moras


« Stefano Moras is a painter of space, in space. He takes most of the elements of painting to apply and sustain his process. His works differ by pictorial gestures or techniques that remind some sort of printing process like monotype. Like a child who puts paint on a tree leaf and prints this leaf on a blank page, Stefano uses a tarpaulin on the ground as a surface where he spreads layers of colour and leads actions with his body pressure to create a monumental painted surface. All these impressions become the visual and plastic language that he will deploy in space, reprocessed into installations or three-dimensional compositions, fulfilling his need to be surrounded by colour.

Trust in chance is another important characteristic of his vision: the painter is open to what happens when he paints without control, without predefined intentions. His practice of painting, by mixing it with the residues that he himself produces in his pictorial process and the urban residues found in his immediate environment, which he seizes as autonomous plastic elements, reveals the social and benevolent gaze that the artist has on society. He is interested in the discredited elements, the natural or artificial residues, in a powerful metaphor of a will to repair, include and enhance what is unfairly disregarded. »  Text by Stephan Balleux