ONDA SONARA – Hors-Jeu with Sean P

After a deep sleep that spanned several winters we’re back. After we couldn’t celebrate our 20th anniversary in April 2020 we took our time to make up for that. So now it’s our 23th and some years as DJ, promotors, beer aficionado’s and all around purveyors of music that’s a bit beyond the obvious, hors-jeu if you will, we’ll be using to emotionally blackmail you into having a party with us.
Us, meaning the Onda Sonora family, but also adopted nephews and an influential uncle in Ou Est-ce Pe N’este? And Sean P. Who’ll be banging out their succulent sounds through our self-built system (proof that we didn’t doze off completely past few years).
Place to be is the firmly cosy and welcoming LaVallée, hotbed of creativity in Molenbeek. Which is easily the best spot to host our shenanigans in Brussels. They’ve got decent beers for sale without us having to ask them to specially stock them.
Ou Est-ce Pe N’este
Flor & Omar. The latter has been the host of our BRUZZ radio show for the past few years, someone who appreciates our love for beers we haven’t tasted yet and an open musical taste we can dig. Où a t’èveur deille file l’aïque playing is something we can co-sign and assez without a corner to feel like the perfect openers of our first party this decade.
Sean P
Being the veterans we are we can dig up many fond memories of guests we’ve hosted over the years and Sean is always one of the first to come up. He played, a bit upstream of the canal at Belle-Vue, 12 years ago at Our Party and that’s still firmly nested in our top 3 of parties we’ve ever put together. Erudite, excellent selector and with an ego that is inversely proportional to his record collection. Hugely influential on our own musical taste through the many compilations he has put together, often together with Dave Lee, on labels like Z Records, BBE or Strut, his many edits or his work as an audio engineer for Backatcha, Kalita and other fine reissue labels. Hero for nerds like us who like to dance but aren’t easily persuaded to do so. First name on our list of people we wanted to ask and so happy he said yes.
Onda Sonora Soundsystem.
If you got to here you probably know who we are. Idiots with far too much records and still buying like we just got our first wage, always in for new experiences and certainly when it’s beer or wine made by people who are as anal about their trade as we are about our music and always making plans with the same unfounded enthusiasm as evil geniuses in comics but with an aim to make the world slightly more bearable to live in. One of these plans was to make our own portable yet amazing sounding system which you’ll be able to taste at this party.
We’ll also remember 2 of our favourite guests we can’t bring over anymore, Phil Asher and Fredrik Lager aka Red Astaire, who have meant a lot to us and will always be part of what we do.
Doors: 10pm
Entrance fee: 10€
LaVallée. Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39, 1080 Brussels.