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Music on a whim

24 May |7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Music on a Whim is proud to present an evening of primitive guitar (the good), avant-garde art-rock via music concrete (the bad) and a trio with a close-up magician/poetry backed by a psy-grindcore duo (the ugly).
We do not expect a stand-off gunfight between the three bands at the end of the show to determine who survives ala the epic spaghetti western film directed by Sergio Leone, but stranger things have happened at shows. We advise everyone to come armoured up to account for all possibilities.
Address – La Vallée, Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39, 1080 Bruxelles
Doors – 7 30 pm
Tickets – 10 euros advance + booking fees; 13 euros on the door (cash only)
L (UK) – Spoken word / Cosmic horror / Psygrindcore [‘theugly’]
L is a Glasgow trio made up of vocalist/ card magician Jack Paton, guitarist Jack Mellin, and drummer Laurie Pitt. Together, they perform intense, dissociative music that combines Paton’s confrontational spoken word with Mellin & Pitt’s blistering take on metal, jazz, noise and art rock.
L is praised for their emotional live shows. Paton’s earnest vocals veer from cartoon-croon to body horror—set to the microsecond by Mellin & Pitt’s pinpoint shredding. Through explicit narratives and technical demolitions, L creates a tragicomic theatre of existential pain and absurd freedom. L imitates life: overwhelming and unmissable. Riding a razor of cosmic horror, Paton’s fearful everyman is alternately possessed, made to go insane, and tortured to death by his own consciousness. Mellin & Pitt back Paton’s psycho-theatre with excruciating detail and crushing weight, making this one of the heaviest, most cathartic releases you may ever hear in any recorded format.
L’s latest offering Marilyn Monroe – All of Us, recorded at Glasgow’s legendary Green Door Studio by Ronan Fay, was released March 8, 2024 by Chicago based label Radical Documents on 12” vinyl and digital with original artwork by artist Rob Churm. Like their darkly controlled live performances, the record presents a continuous cycle of slapstick suffering and the bliss of dissolution. Nothing goes before the rug-pull into nothingness.
DE MOND (BE) – Art Rock / Avant-Garde / Electronic [‘thebad’] [Album release, Futura Resistenza]
DE MOND is the brainchild of Stijn Wybouw and Arno De Bock, two musicians from Brussels. Together, they craft an electrifying blend of mucky vocalizations, tape loops, hypnotic synth sounds, and deep drum beats. An amplified joyride full of turbulence on a non-ending freeway.
This show is a release party for their latest LP release on Futura Resistenza. De Mond’s Glow LP will be a treat for those who are already fans of Belgium’s avant sub-underground scene. And it also works as a cunning entry point for those who are just discovering the outer parameters of the 21st Century’s musical art damage. So do yourself a favour and surrender to the glow.
De Vlaamse Primitieven (BE) – Primitive Guitar / Cosmic [‘thegood’]
De Vlaamse Primitieven is the alter-ego of Antwerp-based guitarists Jan Boudart & Freek Vreys. They both met while studying jazz-guitar in college and started out playing traditional
Through this mutual love they decided to start improvising in a freer direction. This led to many all-night jam-sessions where they developed their own vision of how to approach improvisation. The missing link came when they discovered the music of the masters: John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Bert Jansch and John Renbourne. The last couple of years they dove deep into the heart of ‘American primitivism’, ‘British Isle folk’ and ‘minimalism’. Studying the music of the above-mentioned masters was a labor of love that gave birth to an obsession; to not only preserve this beautiful take on guitar-playing but to blend ‘American primitivism’ with the more airy/melodic touch of ‘British Folk’ while still retaining their roots in jazz and improvisation.
Futura Resistenza is a Brussels-Rotterdam based record label ‘Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus’ which translates as “we hope for better things to arise from the ashes”


24 May
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39
Brussels, 1080 Belgique
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