Tictac @ the Apocalypse – 4.09

Tictac @ the Apocalypse – curated by David Zambrano is a performance platform at the exhibition ‘Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Apocalypse’.
For this exhibition, Seppe De Roo has invited David Zambrano to make his own selection and curation of artists to perform and explore the theme of ‘the Apocalypse’ in performative language.
World-renowned dancer David Zambrano and his partner Mat Voorter inspire and created Tictac Art Center, an alternative arts center in Anderlecht that brings together dance, performing arts, visual arts and costume design. It functions as a meeting place for artists, a hub offering innovative artists the space and time to create master classes, raw performances, and fine arts exhibitions.
David Zambrano will open a small store in the cafétaria at the exhibition of his clothing line ‘Dare to Wear’, which he has been developing the past 3 years into a creative and high fashion looking line.