Mamout is a brussels-based architects’ studio founded in 2014 by Matthieu Busana and Sébastien Dachy. Mamout focuses on the balance between timeless and timely architecture. We see our architecture both as of its day and of all times. We consider our work to be consistent when it embraces that duality. Therefore, each project benefits from a process of reflection that oscillates between dynamic opposites: structure and habitability, system and domesticity, existing and tailor-made, generic and specific. Our design method flows from the original idea to an elaborate concept which is translated into each detail of the project. Yet our ideas are pragmatic: we build dozens of paper models to see how light and space will shape the building and on the construction site, if needed, we review a wide range of solutions with our partners. For us, architecture is physical. It is also rational and respects the existing. When renovating, we see in every building a system that has to be preserved and we conceive our projects accordingly. Our purpose is to achieve an evolutionary architecture. Most of our interventions are reversible. Mamout architecture means simplicity, durability and habitability. Environmental issues are part of the process: the studio and its partners are skilled in the reuse of and sourcing of diverse materials. As a result of this philosophy, Mamout won the Duyver Prize 2017 and the Belgian Building Awards 2019, Rookie of the Year category.
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