Homa Arkani

Born in Iran,In 1983, Homa Arkani has BA in Graphic design from Art & Architecture university in Tehran and MA in Fine arts,painting, from KASK university in Gent,Belgium. Her work is mainly about her sociocultural concerns. It seeks to transform cultural or political issues into a poetic and visual form. The flows of liquidity come from eastern poetic belief which is in every moment life makes fresh water current in the atmosphere, so that the water becomes clear and clean again and flows in our body, that we may be alive to it again, and this new water and atmosphere give our body another chance, so maybe this time, we can use it for not muddying our identities and create pains, bring greenness and freshness with us, for ourselves and others, forever.

Homa is mainly inspired by Persian poetry specifically by Rumi and Western painters like Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch.

In her opinion, the use of a monochromatic palette can produce powerful imagery and provokes deeply personal experiences to explore emotions and spirituality. She thinks the use of a variety of colors could distract the viewers of the true impact of the painting.